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1 – Buying a new book is one of the things I like the most. That feeling you have when you touch a brand new book with untouched pages, that may or may not become a friend of yours. I’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff about this one in particular so thought I’d give it a go. (Actually bought it today, yey!)
2 – Skincare products are never too much, right? Not really, but I have the skincare bug in me and I can’t help it. My bestfriend actually suggested this to me and I tried once when I stayed at her place and LOVED it. It’s a cleanser/mask that you leave on for 2 minutes and when you remove it your skin literally feels like silk. I have to get my hands on one ASAP.
3 – H&M came out with lip pens and apparently I was the last person to know about it. Better late than never, I’m really curious about trying this ones. There are 7 colours, can I have them all?
1 – Comprar um livro novo é das coisas que mais gosto de fazer. Aquela sensação que se tem quando se toca em páginas que nunca foram abertas, e que podem ou não tornar-se grandes amigas nossas. Tenho ouvido falar imenso deste em particular e estava muito curiosa por ler. (Hoje vi-o a 10€ na Fnac e trouxe-o comigo)
2 – Produtos de skincare nunca são demais, right? Nem por isso, mas eu tenho o bichinho cá dentro e não consigo evitar. A minha melhor amiga sugeriu-me este produto e quando o experimentei em casa dela fiquei rendida. É uma máscara/cleanser que se deixa na pele durante 2 minutos e quando se remove a pele parece literalmente seda. Tenho que ter o meu ASAP.
3 – A H&M lançou as lip pens e pelos vistos eu fui a última a saber da novidade. Mais vale tarde do que nunca, estou muito curiosa em experimentá-los. Existem 7 cores e eu quero todas! 

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(I’m sorry this post is a day late, but it’s ok right?)

I’m not very keen on clothes, but shoes and bags are my ultimate obsession.
This past week I’ve caught myself scrolling down through so many shoe brands websites and I’ve gathered some of my favourite to show you. So let’s talk about shoes, shall we? Ler Mais


I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: my biggest passion is to travel.
I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many places every since I was a little girl and my parents always showed me how important it is to go outside the box and explore different cultures. Ler Mais

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1 – San Francisco is brilliant for many reasons one of them being Benefit. The brand never ceases to amaze us with amazing products that make every girl go nuts over, starting with the genius packaging and ending in the actual high quality of the products while keeping it fun. They recently launched the POREfessional agent zero shine, and according to the brand it ‘instantly minimizes shine and helps smooth the look of pores”. I already notice a difference when I apply the POREfessional primer before foundation, so can’t wait to try out this new product! ($30) Ler Mais

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1 – Honestly, when I first watched this trailer I thought ”Oh well, another typical American movie, where all that matters is money, power and sex”. But I’ve been hearing so many great feedback from everyone that sees the movie that I feel I MUST watch it now. Have you guys seen it?

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